Friday, September 08, 2006

Bunuh Sang Nabi/Kill the Prophet

This book is my newest bahasa Indonesia language work, entitled Bunuh Sang Nabi: Kebenaran di Balik Pertarungan Setan Melawan Malaikat (Kill the Prophet: Truth behind the Struggle between Satan and Angel)." Jakarta, Hikmah, Mizan 2006.

The idea of this work basically continues the story told in the previous book Nabi Palsu (False Prophet). The story goes that someone, convinced himself to be a prophet, is now questioning his own belief again. This man is described to have fought against himself, possessed by both evil and virtuous spirit.

Opining the books of history and mythology, he realizes that the border between true prophethood and false-prophethood is obscure, even so is the border between good and evil. Having discovered the stories in the sacred books of prophethood, such as what the Scriptures and mythologies said, he questions every character in every narration contained by the books--which one is the true prophets and which one is the enemies of the truth.

For the true seeker of the truth, however, even those who have been been claimed in these books as the enemies of prophethood, or evil characters, cannot be labeled merely as "evil." They also have the equal right to claim their own prophethood.

Thus, the struggle between truth and evil in every narration contained in mythologies and sacred books is endless, not merely due to the powerful undefeated evil, but rather due to the unclear definition of evil and truth themselves.


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