Monday, February 02, 2009

Obama's oratory: Recalling the sway of Sukarno

Al Makin , Montreal | Tue, 01/27/2009 1:25 PM | Opinion, The Jakarta Post

Now that the number of US presidents stands at 43, a comparison of their characteristics and leadership styles is possible. Prior to and after the inauguration ceremony, many US columnists have related President Obama's qualities to those of his predecessors, ranging from Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy to Clinton.

Indonesia, however, has had only six presidents, whose educational backgrounds and leadership styles differ significantly - a fine intellectual and orator, a military strategist, a religious scholar, a scientist, a passionate mother, and a harmonizer.

Many people feel deep down in their hearts that, all in all, Sukarno's preeminence remains unmatched by those who succeeded him.

Not only was he the founding father of this nation, he also made numerous eloquent speeches that communicated clearly to even the most down-to-earth in his audiences. His powerful charisma rested especially in his oratory. He spoke with a stirring and thunderous voice.

Similarities can be drawn between Obama and Sukarno.

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