Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sharing news about my research: Musaylima the forgotten prophet from Yamamah

Now is my third year of writing my dissertation about forgotten prophets, one of them is Musaylima from Yamamah (currently Riyad, the capital city of Saudi). I have two semesters left, I could hopefully finish it on time.
I do not publish anything about Musaylima yet and I'm patient enough to wait until my research is totally done, then I could say anything about this prophet. All what I will say about Musaylima will be based on my close reading of primary sources (written on the early time of Muslim literature), not merely on my speculation.
Of course, I should make clear the difference between my two previous works on prophethood in Indonesian language (as shown in this blog). In these two works, I mostly contemplated based on my understanding of certain literature. However, I did not intend my two works to be too academic. It is therefore that one may fail to find my sources, as none I indicated clearly. In this dissertation, on Musaylimah, I try as much as possible to be an academic work so that I can defend my thesis at the end.
All in all, I should thank to many people who have sincerely supported my research. First of all is to my Doktormutter, Professor Dr. Susanne Enderwitz for her kindness in understanding my position as a father of two kids and a student at the same time. She is undoubtedly patience in giving me guidence and encouragement in this important period of my 'journey.' My thanks must also go to DAAD for the generosity in financing my study.
I hope next year I could finish my research, then I could say something about prophethood besides the 'official prophets' formulated in our theology.


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