Thursday, October 16, 2008

To list just a few of the porn bill's major flaws

The Jakarta Post, Opinion and Editorial

Al Makin , Heidelberg, Montreal | Thu, 10/16/2008 10:46 AM | Opinion

Our honorable members of the House of Representatives seem to put "personal bravado" above long-term national interest in their intention to pass "the already softened version" of the anti-pornography bill -- and are undeterred by the mounting protests from numerous societal groups.

The legislators have made blatant mistakes in the deliberation of this bill. I just want to mention some of the major ones.

The first grave error rests on the perception built by those who defend the bill that the critics have not carefully read the draft. The truth is that the bill's draft has been circulating around many Indonesian mailing lists for a long time.

Have the honorable members of the House read any of the many high-quality op-ed pieces penned by our "pundits" and published by numerous Indonesian newspapers on the bill?.

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